Dargel Boat Works acquired the molds and tooling for the Bayquest line of boats from Classic Boats of Austin Texas in September of 2001. Dargel Boat Works has over 67 years of boat building experience and is the manufacturer of the popular “Skout”, "Skooter" and "Fisherman” line of shallow water tunnel fishing boats. Although the Bayquest line is manufactured at the same facility as the Dargel line, these two boat brands retain their separate identities. With both lines our commitment is the build a superior product using only the best materials and equipment and the latest in manufacturing expertise.

Classic Boats began making the Bayquest inner lined boats in 1995. The idea was to design a top quality boat that could be used in either fresh or salt water, had great eye appeal and was priced within reach of anyone who desires superior performance. Research also showed that many boaters desire an inner lined boat. Not only is an inner lined boat more attractive being completely finished on the inside but also has a much more solid feel. Another innovative approach was to offer 100 percent composite materials in the structure of the boat. All the Bayquest “TS” models are built with composites with no plywood used as structure. This technique provides better performance because it is lighter in weight yet very strong. It also assures the boater that he will never experience any rot or warping. The “SS” series is constructed of “boat panel” which also carries a lifetime warranty against any rot or warping.

Bayquest boats are also offered in the “CS” series which is the traditional “V” hull with our without tunnel drive. These boats are great not only for the entry level boater but also for the boater who demands a rugged, dependable, long lasting boat with an outstanding ride and performance characteristics. Offered in 18 and 20 foot versions, this boat has always been preferred over other similarly designed boats because of its performance and lasting value.

We hope you will visit your local Bayquest dealer and thoroughly examine the boats. Stand on your head and examine what’s inside each Bayquest boat. Ask about construction, warranty, ride and price. We are certain that you will find Bayquest boats to be the best value in boating today!

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